Migration Complete

less than 1 minute read

Well, that took longer than planned.

After some issues with self-hosting the blog via Ghost software, I decided to migrate to static content using Jekyll and Github Pages. I ran into some challenges along the way, partially a result of learning new platforms, some quirks with the documentation for Jekyll, and partially due to some other priorities I had to focus on.

All that is sorted, finally, and the page is back up, and if I say so myself, better than ever. I still have some tweaks to apply style-wise, and I need to fix some older “perma” links that weren’t so permanent, after all.

This is my first new post since the migration, so I am still learning the workflow. I will likely write up my overall experience with the migration and the use, once I feel a bit more comfortable and have an idea of the ins and outs.

To do:

  • Fix old permalinks
  • Fix formatting issues on a blog post or two
  • WIP: Optimize workflow
  • Write up thoughts on the overall experience.